PCPS Sporting Events Bag Policy

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Core Course GPA


Participation and Consent for Student Athletes

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation EL2            Consent & Release from Liability Certificate EL3

These two forms required by the FHSAA before a student-athlete can participate in any type of conditioning, workout, practices or contests are ONLY AVAILABLE AT EACH HIGH SCHOOL IN THE OFFICE OF THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. These two forms must be turned in directly to the Athletic Director.

These forms contain additional statements which are specific to the School District of Polk County which require the signatures of the parent/guardian and student-athlete. For that reason, please do not download the EL2 and EL3 forms from the FHSAA website.

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Printable Schedules

Sport Coach Schedule
Baseball Jon Spradlin Spring 2021
Baseball JV  John Barnett Spring 2021
Basketball Boys  Otis Wilson  Winter 2020-21
Basketball  JV Boys  Damien Berrien  Winter 2020-21
Basketball  Girls  Angel Mitchell  Winter 2020-21
Basketball  JV Girls  Diana Coleman  Winter 2020-21
Cheerleading  Misty Beynon Seasonal
Cheerleading JV Heather Pierce  Seasonal
Cross Country Lesley Green/Lynn Haase Fall
Football  Jemalle Cornelius  Fall
Football  JV  P.C. Cornelius Fall
Golf Boys  James Fream  Fall
Golf Girls James Fream Fall
Soccer Boys  Lynn Haase  Winter 2020-21
Soccer JV Boys Jay Schell Winter 2020-21
Soccer Girls  Logan Green  Winter 2020-21
Soccer JV Girls Robert Leedy Winter 2020-21
Softball  Michael Gardner Spring 2021
Softball JV  Eric Grace Spring 2021
Tennis Boys  Jay Schell Spring 2021
Tennis Girls James Fream  Spring 2021
Track and Field  Boys George Williams Spring 2021
Track and Field  Girls  Anita Daughtry Spring 2021
Volleyball Varsity  Robert Leedy  Fall
Volleyball JV Angel Mitchell Fall
Weightlifting Boys  Andre Camp Spring 2021
Weightlifting Girls Jon Spradlin  Winter 2020-21
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